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An educational management system is one that can manage all the processes of the different areas of the school, both academic and administrative, from one place, involving all members of the school community (Administrators, Teachers, Students and Parents).

It is the system that provides each member of the school community with a platform for their interaction with the school, with the things that are their responsibility.

Where parents will be able to obtain reports of their children’s school grades, behavior reports and everything related to their children within the school, to be able to make the online enrollment of the students, to be able to see in real time the streets through which the bus that transports your child, being able to see the different meals to be served in the school cafeteria, including what day and price each meal has, deciding what your child may or may not eat in the cafeteria, where the parent through the platform you can also make use of the school library.

For students, it should have a virtual classroom that allow students to interact with the entire school and with their teacher in a virtual way, including virtual rooms where classes will be live and in real time, at the same time the student should be able to perform their assignments within the platform and upload them to the teacher’s platform without using third-party platforms, being able to communicate and interact with other members of the school community, from the same platform.

Provide the teacher with a platform that allow them to communicate and interact with the rest of the members of the school community, have a classroom for academic interaction with their students, including virtual rooms for real-time communication, have an e-learning system that allows teachers to create courses with content in videos, photos, pictures, sounds, including chapters, lessons, self-evaluating exams, with time defined by exams.

Provide the school administration with a complete platform where they can process human resource issues, both teachers and the rest of the school staff, to manage the school library, the nursery, the cafeteria, and online admissions through the page school website, online enrollment, the printing of cards for both students and all teaching and administrative staff, the administration of school transport including satellite monitoring of each bus so that the school and the parent can see where the bus that takes the particular student is going, manage school events, have a newspaper so the school can periodically inform all members of the community, manage the school’s finances, both its billing and payments, whether by transfers, on-site or online via credit card, handling of digital yearbooks , that allows the whole community to have the yearbook from one place.

This platform should in turn have a robust and functional messaging system as required by current times for communication by all members of the school community.

In the same way, it is vital in these times that the school has a social network system where all members of the school community can share photos, videos and comments among themselves and not expose students to the dangers of networks. external social.

SEDUCA platform is composed of 4 main areas to provide one of the areas of the school community (Administrators, Educators, Students and Parents). Each of them has access to the different modules for which they are responsible. Each function can be configured by the super administrator of the school platform.

SEDUCA has 3 Apps to further facilitate educational management. For example, the parent may monitor the route of the school bus live.

If you want full control over all the areas that make up a school campus, look no further and experiment. SEDUCA is what you were looking for.

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