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SEDUCA has statistics and key performance indicators (KPIs) within the education management sector, which allow institutions to analyze information in real time, for fast and accurate decision making, in order to provide better information to parents.
It allows constant follow-up of the work of teaching and administrative staff, monitoring in a granular way to prevent failure among students, in addition to monitoring behavior among students, teaching and administrative staff through the behavior and conduct module.

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We have a wide variety of pre-established statistics that the user can consult.

However, in the event that the school requires some other statistics we can customize this section according to the specific needs requested.

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  • School Levels – Number of students per level
  • Living – Who the student lives with
  • Age: Number of students by age
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SEDUCA has four main roles:
From each of these roles, the user will have access to each of the modules that make up our software.

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