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Do you know the importance of having an efficient learning management system (LMS)?


Think smart. Be part of more than 57,400 users that today use SEDUCA platform. Contact us today for a live demo. With a demo you will be able to see everything that SEDUCA can do for you and your school live. Follow your instincts... Take the key to success An educational management system is one that can manage all the processes of the different areas of the school, both academic and administrative, from one place, involving all members of the school community (Administrators, Teachers, Students and Parents). It is the system that provides each member of the school [...]

Do you know the importance of having an efficient learning management system (LMS)?2022-03-04T23:24:31+00:00

SEDUCA the most complete platform


After having the opportunity to learn about the different platforms that exist for the academic management of an educational institution, we can confirm that the only 100% integrated platform is SEDUCA. Many campuses have to resort to various platforms, each of which manages a specific and different area; However, they are independent platforms that force the administration to duplicate tasks and make mistakes, as well as not having the information in one place at the time of making a decision. The SEDUCA platform has some modules that support administration to the management area of ​​the educational center such as, Finance, [...]

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