Also, we are characterize by the adaptability to the needs of the educational center and the growth that our platform offers, adapting to processes of different sizes as the school expands.
Another characteristic that defines this area is that it is very user-friendly and can be used from any type of desktop device and mobile devices.
It is made up of some modules and functionalities that SEDUCA offers to the educational community, specifically in the teacher’s session for interaction with students and parents, who each have their own area on the platform.
The virtual classroom or collaborative portal of the student is where the virtual interaction with the teacher and his classmates takes place.
The virtual classroom or collaborative portal of the teacher is the area that the teacher uses to manage all his classrooms, create the academic schedules of each level that he manages, place the assignments at those levels, grade and evaluate them, this area is composed of some modules and functionalities. Among the most relevant we have;

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