Our team is integrated by a team of professionals with diverse specializations, coming from companies with different business lines. We have specialists in software development, programming, implementation and sales.
As a team, we are oriented to regenerate the processes and increase the experience of our users, offering them an integrated platform, based on the best practices in the market.

During the last 8 years we have worked together adding modules to the platform, according to the needs that we detected in each school.

We are a team that works at the forefront in order to offer our customers a solution tailored to their needs.

Every time we make an implementation we customize the platform to the specific needs of each client.

We are always aware of the progress and everything that could continue to improve the platform we have today.

Our customers can count on the support of our team, not only at the time of implementation but also for all the subsequent support and to discover together new options to be developed.